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19 Bold FTO

Our heartiest, richest blend combines a dark roast along with a medium roast to create a coffee that is full-bodied with a heavy aroma and wonderful notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, caramel and butterscotch.

Roast Profile: Combination Medium and Dark

19 Smooth

Don’t be misled. Smooth doesn’t mean overly light or wimpy. Our House Smooth Blend is a unique combination of four coffees from all the major growing regions of the world, creating a solid bodied cup that is sweet and fruity with a prominent dry red wine flavor at the front, a bit of a bite in the middle, and a clean, smooth finish.

Roast Profile: Light to Medium

19 Stout Espresso

The name says it all. The darkest of our espresso blends has a heavy, syrupy body with a thick crema. Rich, yet unbelievably smooth, it has a perfectly balanced bittersweet and smoky flavor with notes of tobacco and licorice. The flavors stay with you long after it’s gone, and it holds up very well to any milk based beverages. A unique combination of coffees from all the major growing regions of the world, this blend is the original definition of an espresso.

Roast Profile: Dark

Brazil Cerrado

Classic Sweet Espresso

A traditional espresso with a buttery body and crema, 19 Classic has an aroma and sweetness that are fruity, chocolaty and nutty. The finish is a tart, lemon tanginess which makes for a refreshing, invigorating coffee.

Roast Profile: Light

Costa Rica Heredia

Decaf Colombia

Similar to its caffeinated counterpart, our decaf Colombian has a soft floral aroma with smooth chocolate notes. It makes a great decaf drip coffee, but it also shines as a single origin decaf espresso.

Roast Profile: Medium

Decaf Espresso

Most similar to our 19 Stout Espresso, our decaf espresso also has a hearty, syrupy body and a thick crema. It’s great as a straight shot, but it also holds up very nicely to milk based beverages.

Roast Profile: Medium to Dark

Decaf French Roast

Dark chocolate, butterscotch, and caramel are the prominent flavors in our darkest roasted decaf coffee.

Roast Profile: Dark

Ethiopia Sidamo (Natural Processed) FT/O

In 1999 the (OCFCU) Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union was started. It is now the largest fair trade coffee producer in Ethiopia. The coop has approximately 23,691 members from 35 different Ethiopian coops who have come together with a common goal—exporting their coffee directly to specialty markets. The members of the cooperative use  the revenue from the fair trade sales in the US and Europe to continue their commitment to organic production. This includes the purchase and repair of equipment, hosting workshops on composting and natural fertilizers and lessening their dependence on imported foods.

Region: Oromia
Coop, Estate, Farm: Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Roast Profile: Light – Medium

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Representing 43,794 farmers the YCFCU is located in Gedeo zone in Southern Ethiopia.

Region: Gedeo Zone in Southern Ethiopia
Coop, Estate, Farm:   Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union (YCFCU)
Roast Profile: Medium

French Roast Blend F/TO

Two Central American beans come together to create our darkest roasted coffee. It has a heavy, straightforward aroma and flavor and a solid but very smooth body. There is a butterscotch and caramel sweetness in the middle of the cup. A smoky tobacco finish and a bittersweet chocolate aftertaste linger long after the cup is gone, leaving you with a very satisfied coffee experience.

Roast Profile: Dark

FTO Espresso

This three bean Fair Trade Organic espresso bursts with a syrupy, fruity brightness right from the start. It gets just a little spicy in the middle and has a lingering, dessert-like sweetness on the finish. A buttery crema and body make this espresso a perfect after dinner coffee. Look no further. You’ve found the perfect summer evening coffee. (It’s good in the winter, too, though.)

Roast Profile: Combination Light, Medium, Dark

Guatemala Huehuetenango FT/O

The ASOBAGRI Cooperative, which was founded in 1989 by 20 K’anjob’al Mayan coffee and cardamom farmers, has now grown to about 711 members. The group still includes 87 cardamom producers. The Coop members are from approximately 30 small villages in the Huehuetenango region, surrounded by the Cuchumantanes Mountains and the Maxbal Forest Reserve. The coffee is shade grown under banana, guava and plantain trees, and intercropped with banana, cardamom and citrus plants. The Coop supports sustainable agriculture by training its farmers in organic methods, like composting, and they invest in quality control by financing warehouses and drying patios, and also support their members with health care and educational programs.

Region: Huehuetenango
Coop, Estate, Farm:  Asociación Barillense de Agricultores (ASOBAGRI)
Roast Profile: Light-Medium

Honduras Marcala FTO

Sweet and balanced with notes of lemon and honey at the front, and a smooth chocolate finish.

Café Organico Marcala S.A. (COMSA) uses their Fair Trade premium to benefit many social projects including paying teachers’ salaries and buying school supplies. It also finances the construction of school kitchens in the program called “Merienda Escolar” which provides meals for children at school.

Region: Marcala
Coop, Estate, Farm: Café Organico Marcala S.A. (COMSA)
Roast Profile: Light to Medium

India Monsoon Malabar

Mexico Huatulco Altura

Mocha Java Blend

A classic combination of African and Java Estate beans creates a coffee with a floral aroma and citrus taste but with an earthy body and touch of spiciness. The blueberry brightness at the start of the cup gives way to a cocoa flavor in the middle and a very clean finish.

Roast Profile: Medium to Dark

Nicaragua FirstHand FTO

We are excited to offer this excellent Nicaraguan coffee in partnership with WVU FairTrade 2.0 and The Working World. WVU Fair Trade 2.0 works with farming and working communities to diversify sources of income and improve access to nutritious food. The Working World builds productive projects together with small businesses and cooperative enterprises.

This coffee from the Prodecoop coop has a medium acidity and a solid body. It’s accented by notes of dark chocolate with a subtle earthiness and a sharp finish

Region: Segovia

Papua New Guinea

This coffee is hand-picked and pulped on the same day then fermented in cement vats for 36 hours. After the fermentation process the coffee is washed with fresh mountain stream water from the nearby Aru River. The coffee is then sun dried to give it a nice, even bluish, color.

It’s grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers in the production process.

Good body and solid acidity, this coffee has a nice spiciness and floral quality, with strong hints of cocoa, chocolate and caramel on the finish.

Region: Eastern Highlands
Coop, Estate, Farm: Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative Ltd (HOAC)
Roast Profile: Medium

Royal Select Water-Processed Peru FTO

Unlike chemically processed decaf coffee, this coffee is decaffeinated using a totally organic method of water, steam, and extractors which removes 99.99% of caffeine. 700-1,750 meters. Wet process, patio drying. Shade grown. Solid body, very balanced flavor with a bit of a sharp finish. La Florida cooperative was established in 1965 by 100 impoverished coffee growers hoping to combine and market their coffee at better prices. Several years later the cooperative is 1900 farmers strong.

Region: Chanchamaya Valley
Coop, Estate, Farm: La Florida Cooperative
Roast Profile: Medium

Sulawesi Toraja

High in the Sesean Mountains, Toraja is known for being one of the very best Arabica coffees in the world. Shade grown, sweet, spicy, and low in acidity, Toraja has a very full, rich body with a smooth chocolate aftertaste. Though not a certified organic coffee, Toraja coffee growers have been maintaining organic growing practices for generations and are in the process of joining the first Organic certified coffee Cooperative in Sulawesi.

Region: Sesean Mountains
Coop, Estate, Farm: Petani Kopi Organik Toraja
Roast Profile: Light

Sumatra Ketiara

Tanzanian Peaberry Ruvuma

Wet process. 3,900-5,900 feet. Volcanic soil. Sweet lemon-honey start, gentle citrus notes in the middle, and a light chocolate finish. Inaccessibility of the region, poor infrastructure and political uncertainty had long prevented this high quality coffee from consistently reaching the international market, but that has changed recently. New and refurbished pulperies have been able to pay the farmer the same price he would receive if he had processed the coffee at home. In return the farmers have been able to take better care in tending and harvesting the coffee.

Region: Nyamtimbo-Songea Ruvuma, South Tanzainia
Roast Profile: Light to Medium

Uganda Bugisu

Our Coffees

Our Coffees


19 Coffee Company was founded on the principles of sourcing high quality, sustainable raw coffee beans, roasting them in a way that allows their inherent flavors to stand out, and sharing with you all of the significant information about our coffees, including traceability, coffee processing, co-op affiliation, certifications, and cupping characteristics.

We micro-roast beans from different regions of the coffee producing world daily. Every coffee that leaves our shop has been roasted within the past 48 hours. That is fresh.

We give careful thought and attention to all stages of the product’s development, beginning with purchasing superior beans through micro-roasting to assure the finest finished product. We are constantly cupping new coffees, examining small farms and cooperatives, trying new beans from around the world, and continually looking to expand our knowledge, expertise and coffee offerings.

Once we get a coffee in our roaster we try a few different roasts based on the background of each specific coffee. We roast all of our coffees by hand never leaving perhaps the most important step to computers. There are recipes……and then there’s the way your grandmother cooked. We like to think of ourselves as coffee grandmothers.

When it comes to our house blends we bring together coffees which complement each other in acidity, body and general taste. While we love our origin coffees, we also believe that the marriage of certain coffees can create extremely unique taste profiles.

We love doing what we do and believe that you’ll love what we do too!