About 19 Coffee


We’re a young coffee roaster with years of experience dedicated to bringing people fantastic coffees from small farms, family estates, and serious cooperatives around the world.

We are constantly cupping new coffees, examining small farms and cooperatives, trying new beans from around the world, and continually looking to expand our knowledge, expertise and coffee offerings.

We have sourced a number of coffees that are Relationship Coffees, Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Shade Grown, or simply grown the same way coffee has historically been grown in that specific region without pesticides, herbicides and under natural canopies.

We believe in traceability, getting to know the farmers who grow the beans we roast, developing great relationships with the people who import our coffee and trusting their guidance. This allows us to offer great coffees we’re sure you will enjoy.

We have handled many roles in the coffee industry over the past ten years. Along with roasting coffee we have done everything including packing coffee, delivering coffee, serving cappuccinos at weddings, barista training, installing espresso machines, and speaking to numerous groups about the history, business, and world of coffee.

We’ve learned so much about the community of coffee over the years and we have a simple philosophy at 19 Coffee:

  • Commit to offering the best coffees we can and constantly try to get better.
  • Do what we say we’re going to do.
  • Work as hard as we can so everybody who gets to know us believes in us.

Those are the things we do every day but it’s not too hard because we love what we do.